Trauma Informed Schools

  • Staff in pre-K-12 schools 
  • Evidence-based data explaining trauma-related behaviors
  • Purposeful + meaningful strategies to support students 
  • Tools empowering staff + students to build resiliency 
  • Tips for self-care
  • A presenter with a strong education + mental health background 
  • Evening & weekend sessions
  • Online
  • Over 50% of US children have experienced at least one serious trauma (CDC, 2017).
  • Those numbers will likely increase as a result of COVID-19.
  • These kids are sitting in your classrooms + walking your hallways; they need more support.
A 90 minute laser-focused training session with up to 10 key staff members for an opportunity to ask questions before/during/after presentation.
$129 / attendee
A 90 minute staff training session for up to 100 participants 
(muted with videos off)
With 18+ years in classrooms K-12 coupled with extensive mental health training, Charle will capture your staff using common language, targeted examples and remarkable insight.

Since brain-based research links behavior to underlying traumatic experiences, we miss the mark with our approach to classroom management, interpersonal relationships and our response to our children's needs without a trauma-informed lens. There is strong evidence to support trauma-informed practice, which is why this wellness initiative is growing in popularity at an exponential rate,