The Teen Brain

Charle understands teen development and the importance of how the brain works in this unique stage of life.

With this presentation, her goal is to help you get your teen safely to adulthood through psycho-education and meaningful strategies to support their growth + development.

Informing STAFF about the teen brain will improve:

  • Communication
  • Instruction
  • Classroom management
  • Mental health support

Informing PARENTS about the teen brain will:

  • provide a common language + understanding with staff 
  • help them feel more connected to your school 
  • strengthen their relationship with their teens as they will learn how to better understand and support them through this challenging life stage
  • teach them about risk + reward specific to teens
  • give them tools for better communication

Informing STUDENTS about their teen brain will help them:

  • understand themselves better
  • self-regulate
  • build resiliency
  • mitigate friendships + intimate relationships
  • develop stronger communication + negotiation skills 
*Ask about how special ADD ONs will enhance teen communication, relationship, negotiation + 
self-regulation skills.